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Sprout Agribusiness
Graphic Design
About the project

Our collaboration with SproutAg commenced in 2018, initially encountering an inconsistent brand presence despite an existing logo. We promptly developed a comprehensive brand style guide and proceeded to unify the brand's visual identity across various corporate materials, including brochures, flyers, advertisements, point-of-sale materials, and digital platforms.

Discovery and Strategy

Our primary objective was to enhance the brands' prominence within the finance industry and foster recognition. Through meticulous analysis, we identified inconsistencies in branding across various marketing channels, prompting us to prioritise the establishment of a cohesive brand identity.

Design and Ideation

Leveraging a visually compelling colour palette and imagery that deeply resonates with our primary target audience, we meticulously developed document templates and guidelines to ensure consistent and impactful brand representation.

Content Creation

Our marketing encompasses the creation and continuous refinement of essential materials, including product brochures, flyers, and point-of-sale posters, to uphold relevance in the dynamic market landscape. Additionally, we've developed comprehensive onboarding learning materials utilising platforms such as Articulate 360 and Talent LMS, alongside the strategic deployment of social media sponsored ads, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and internal white papers.

Result and impact

SproutAg is experiencing continued growth across multiple locations in NSW, VIC, and QLD, marked by the acquisition of numerous new partners and clients. Our refined and targeted approach has proven highly effective in driving SproutAg's success.