Highland Resources - Gold & Base Metals Exploration

Highland Resources
Graphic Design
About the project

The Highland Resources project entailed creating a cohesive brand identity for marketing materials aimed at attracting potential shareholders.

Discovery and Strategy

Our clear objectives for Highland Resources included increasing brand awareness and market positioning, attracting new investors, and enhancing overall brand perception.

Design and Ideation

Given the company's strong ties to the Victorian highlands, the logo and colour palette were designed to reflect this connection. The logo showcases an angled letter "H" that forms a mountain, highlighting the company's regional roots, while the exploration aspect is symbolised through both geometric and organic shapes integrated within the "H.

Content Creation

The project included a brand identity, corporate stationery, conference marketing material, social media management, website design and shareholder presentation slides.

Result and impact

Highland Resources' cohesive brand identity has successfully positioned the company as a distinguished and trusted player in the resources market. This strategic branding has strengthened investor confidence and market visibility, leading to enhanced opportunities for growth and expansion.