Shark Bait Australia - Eyewear

Shark Bait Australia
Graphic Design
QLD, Australia
About the project

Initially, SBA engaged our services for a name change and website refresh. Since then, we have maintained an ongoing partnership, producing various collateral for both their retail and wholesale divisions.

Discovery and Strategy

During our discovery and strategy phase for Sunglasses Bifocal Australia (SBA), we identified a misalignment between the brand name and the vision of enjoying and exploring the great outdoors. To address this, we reimagined and created Shark Bait Australia, retaining the existing logo to build on the established brand equity.

Design and Ideation

Our journey began with a complete redesign of the Shopify e-commerce website for SBA, integrating vibrant exploration images to establish a cohesive and engaging brand identity. The revamped website not only captured the essence of adventure and the great outdoors but also provided a seamless user experience that resonated with SBA's target audience. Building on the success of the website rebrand, SBA was inspired to expand their marketing efforts. We developed targeted EDM (electronic direct mail) campaigns and comprehensive marketing materials specifically designed to appeal to wholesalers. These initiatives included customised email templates, visually striking brochures, and detailed product catalogs that showcased the brand’s new aesthetic and communicated its values effectively. This strategic approach ensured consistency across all touch-points, reinforcing SBA's brand identity and enhancing its appeal to both retail customers and wholesale partners. The result was a unified and compelling brand presence that drove engagement and supported SBA's growth objectives.

Content Creation

Content creation encompassed a comprehensive range of deliverables, including the redesign of the Shopify website, integration of a wholesaler application platform, email newsletters, application forms, social media management, swing tags, labels, display banners, and POS marketing materials.

Result and impact

The strategic rebranding efforts for SBA led to significant positive outcomes. The redesigned Shopify website increased online sales and customer satisfaction. The wholesaler application platform attracted new partners, while targeted EDM campaigns and marketing materials expanded market reach. Social media management boosted brand visibility, and well-designed swing tags, labels, display banners, and POS materials strengthened brand presence. Overall, these initiatives elevated SBA's brand identity, reinforced market positioning, and drove higher engagement and sales.