Clementine - Restaurant and Bakery

Graphic Design
NSW, Australia
About the project

Clementine, a charming artisan bakery and restaurant, nestled in the heart of the Yass Valley dedicated to serving outstanding cuisine within a laid-back country setting require a unique brand identity with supporting marketing material to promote their businesses.

Discovery and Strategy

The regional produce, exceptional food, and relaxed country atmosphere emerged as the unique selling proposition for Clementine Restaurant and Bakery. Our strategy focused on consistently depicting these qualities through a relaxed and rustic illustrative design style. We established brand guidelines featuring this sketched style and applied it across all social media, advertising and packaging mediums.

Design and Ideation

Regional produce, culinary excellence, and a serene country ambiance define the essence of the Clementine brand. Rooted in authenticity, we've expertly woven these elements into a visual tapestry that tells their story. With sketched illustrations and watercolour palettes, we capture the very essence of Clementine's spirit. Through these whimsical depictions, we craft experiences that deeply resonate with customers, reshaping the narrative of design and storytelling.

Content Creation

Content creation involved - stationery, informative newsletters, signage, packaging, social media, brochures and web design.

Result and impact

Clementine continues to thrive and expand recently opening in more regional locations.