Radicle Agriculture - Innovative Agricultural Practices

Radicle Agriculture
Graphic Design
About the project

In 2021, our collaboration with Radicle Agriculture commenced, initiating the creation of a fresh brand identity designed to evolve alongside the company's agricultural innovations. Utilising a comprehensive brand style guide, we ensured consistent application of the brand's visual identity across a wide array of corporate materials, including brochures, flyers, advertisements, merchandise, and digital platforms.

Discovery and Strategy

Radicle Agriculture's brand strategy revolves around positioning the company as a pioneer in regenerative agriculture and sustainability. Through a cohesive brand identity and targeted communication, Radicle Ag aims to engage farmers, agricultural professionals, and environmentally conscious consumers. By creating valuable content, Radicle Agriculture strives to build a strong brand presence and drive positive impact in the agricultural industry. Continuous innovation and adaptation ensure that Radicle Ag remains at the forefront of sustainable farming practices, delivering value to stakeholders while staying relevant in a rapidly evolving market.

Design and Ideation

The logo highlights nature's importance and our commitment to safeguarding the future, prominently featuring a leaf within the letter R. The colour palette, inspired by the liveliness of nature, radiates professionalism and freshness. The brand identity seamlessly adapts to different divisions through simple adjustments in colour palette and title, ensuring consistency and versatility across all aspects of the brand.

Content Creation

The project included a brand identity, corporate stationery, magazine advertising, brochure design, explainer videos, signage and front end website design.

Result and impact

The outcome of this project is a dynamic and versatile brand identity that effectively communicates the importance of nature and sustainability. The logo serves as a powerful symbol of environmental consciousness which can cohesively be applied to different divisions with minor adjustments, ensuring consistency across all aspects of the brand. Overall, the result is a visually striking representation of the brand's values and commitment to protecting our future.