Merivale Podiatry — Boutique Podiatry Clinic

Merivale Podiatry
Graphic Design
Christchurch, New Zealand
About the project

Our initial engagement involved rebranding Merivale Podiatry with a more personable and fresh approach. Since 2019, we have maintained a partnership with Merivale Podiatry, providing continuous support in marketing and internal collateral development.

Discovery and Strategy

Transitioning from a clinical demeanour to resonate with the Merivale demographic, our rebranding initiative embraces a vibrant and approachable illustrative aesthetic. Our strategic vision aims to establish a distinctive position within the podiatry sector, aspiring to lead in online product offerings and informative resources.

Design and Ideation

The design ethos adopted for Merivale Podiatry embodies a harmonious blend of relaxation, vibrancy, and professionalism. Our carefully curated colour palette adheres to industry standards, instilling trust and recognition within the clientele.

Content Creation

In addition to curating the website with fresh and informative podiatry articles, we actively develop marketing materials, social media management and internal documentation to support our initiatives.

Result and impact

Merivale Podiatry is experiencing steady growth, evidenced by an expansion in staffing and an uptick in online sales.