Luemo Workplace Wellbeing

Graphic Design
QLD, Australia
About the project

Luemo already possessed a logo; however, there was a necessity to streamline branding consistency across all corporate documentation. Leveraging the colors of the logo, we crafted a sophisticated layout and seamlessly incorporated it into the resource library, newsletters, and presentation slides.

Discovery and Strategy

Through a thorough evaluation of the current brand identity, we were able to identify and clearly define the objectives of rebranding Luemo. These included designing material that was consistent, and followed brand guidelines and create readable material across all communications.

Design and Ideation

In designing the updated visual identity, we seamlessly incorporated the established logo into a revitalised aesthetic across various platforms. Our approach involved refining brand identity guidelines, detailing visual elements, such as the logo, colour palette, typography, image style, tone, and messaging directives.

Content Creation

The project included corporate documents such as client resource material, business stationery, a monthly digital and hard copy newsletter, social media templates, social media sponsored ads, website design, conference and presentation marketing material.

Result and impact

We consistently collaborate with Luemo to develop new marketing materials and resources for their workshops and coaching services.