Gold Hydrogen – Natural Hydrogen Power Production

Gold Hydrogen
Graphic Design
QLD Australia
About the project

Gold Hydrogen is a resource company focusing on innovative and sustainable exploration for natural hydrogen and helium gases. The creative brief involved designing and launching a unified brand identity and marketing campaign that connects with stakeholders and highlights Gold Hydrogen's ethos.

Discovery and Strategy

Gold Hydrogen is committed to the exploration of natural hydrogen and helium. With this in mind, the strategy was to craft a brand identity that is easily identifiable and encompasses the vision and direction of the company.

Design and Ideation

The design features within the Gold Hydrogen logo represent the dynamic force and movement of natural hydrogen. The circular shape symbolises the hydrogen element, while the leaf forming the letter 'G' draws inspiration from nature and signifies a commitment to environmental protection. Furthermore, the brand colours pay homage to the iconic Australian Green and Gold palette.

Content Creation

Content created for Gold Hydrogen includes brand identity, corporate stationery, stakeholder newsletters, conference marketing materials, and social media templates.

Result and impact

Gold Hydrogen's branding and marketing strategy has been profound, generating increased recognition within the resources industry and among stakeholders. By consistently adhering to the brand style guidelines, Gold Hydrogen has established a powerful presence across its marketing efforts, reinforcing professionalism and building equity. This cohesive approach not only enhances brand visibility but also fosters trust and credibility among stakeholders, positioning Gold Hydrogen as a leader in the field.