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Founder & Creative Director
Erica Miller

Here at Erica Miller Design, we love to enhance businesses, engaging target audiences with high impact and purely original creative material. Backed by an extensive network of industry specialists, we take pride in our clear communication, exceptional attention to detail, and excellent project management. We’re continually embracing new technologies with better ways to connect, excite, and persuade client audiences. Successful branding and marketing are better achieved with experience, passion, and precision. To better assist your business, we consider how to best influence and delight your clients before offering the most effective ways to promote your business. Our clients are diverse, ranging from small and corporate businesses, local not-for-profits, government, and community institutions. This variety in clientele has resulted in a broad range of creativity being delivered for an array of distinctive brands and campaigns of very pleased clients. In short, we deliver fantastic results for your project to thrive!